Some roofing issues can be fixed by the DIYer however, getting a professional to inspect your roof is the best way to know whether the structure needs to be repaired or replaced. To  keep your loved ones and belongings safe, you should constantly look for signs of deterioration. Here are some roofing issues that require a qualified professional.

Structural Damage

If mother nature has caused something to fall on your roof, a number of issues could result. If not addressed this could start to cause underlying roofing issues. A professional will assess the situation and fix the damage to ensure your roof is in good shape

Defective Flashing

A roof flashing is a thing that stops water from coming into your home where something pops up through your roof. That something might be a chimney, a plumbing vent pipe, a powered attic fan, a turbine vent or a dormer, or it might be where two roof surfaces intersect.  This is a common place for leaks and should be installed by a professional

Improper Ventilation

Generally, roofs should have strategically-placed vents to allow for a free flow of air in the attic. This helps to regulate moisture and minimize the risk of health problems while keeping pests away.

Loose or Missing Shingles

There are many reasons why shingles become loose or go missing. These include strong winds, overhanging branches that scrape the roof, poor ventilation, and shrinking of the underlying roof membrane.

Malfunctioning Gutters and Drainage

If there are pools of stagnant water on your roof, there is a chance your gutters and downspouts are not working well. Since this can cause water damage and other serious consequences, you should get an expert to inspect them for breakage or clogging. Proper roof repair may be necessary if the gutters are too old.

An Extra Layer of Roofing

Additional shingles can shorten the life of your roof: First, the extra layer of shingles is likely to trap heat, causing the material to decompose more rapidly and forcing you to replace the roof earlier than you should. In fact, layering shingles can shorten your roof’s life by up to 40 percent.

Leaking Roof

A leaking roof is one of the frustrating and common issues with roofing.  A leak can cause expanding damage to the roof and the structural integrity of the home.  Locating where the leak is coming from can be a tedious process.  Often times, where you see it on the inside is not the source of the underlying issue.


Mountain High Roofing offers Free Roof Inspections for possible storm damage (hail and/or wind) because 95% of all storm damage to roofs cannot be seen from ground level.

Mountain High Roofing inspectors will take digital photos to document the damage that might be seen on roofs for the purpose of first showing them to you, the homeowner, then keeping those photos on file on your behalf so that at a later date they could potentially be utilized in furthering a smooth and easy insurance claim process.