ECO FRIENDLY:  99% of all roofing material components can be recycled. Wooden shakes from old roofs can be mulched and then used in a variety of different products from insulation boards to animal bedding. Asphalt shingles can be melted down and, among other things, be recycled for road construction.  Tar paper can be melted down and then recycled much the same way.  Various roofing metals can be melted down using the same process used on old automobiles then recycled for potentially a myriad of purposes.

Simply put, there’s no good reason why all roofing companies shouldn’t recycle. We are all inhabitants in our fragile eco-system. Mountain High Roofing tries to lead by example. As a responsible inhabitant, Mountain High Roofing recycles as much of the old roofing components that it removes from old roofs as possible prior to new roof installations.